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Clément Corrillon

Clément Corrillon is a 22 years old actor, performer, dancer and singer. He studied at ARTS2 (Royal Conservatory of Mons), where he recently graduated in the Theater department. Based in Brussels, he's now developing his own projects. He's directing "Amour, Dinde et Beauté", a piece he created about identity and self-affirmation. Clément is putting interdisciplinarity in the center of his work, trying to break the borders between different performing arts. He's also very inspired by queer culture and community. He recently started to explore the universe of drag. His curiosity pushes him to constantly develop new skills in many different fields. After having worked for the Argentinian choreographer Ayelen Parolin, he's now focusing on the new creation of Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Madrigalen, which is an all new -but very exciting- experience for Clément, who didn't know much about opera before joining this adventure.

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