"Being good who benefits from that? "Braafheid wie is daar nu bij gebaat?"
"Monteverdi as a zeropoint "I want to give classical music back to real people" Monteverdi als nulpunt "Ik wil klassieke muziek teruggeven aan échte mensen"
"They become one body. The beats alternating with the classical performance of Monteverdi work wonderfully here." "Ze worden één lichaam. De beats afgewisseld met de klassieke uitvoering van Monteverdi werken hier wonderwel."
"A good example of how music, theatrical images, humour and emotion go together is when, on the empty silver stage, a fire suddenly ignites - ignite the spark! - and the performers form a circle around it." “Een goed voorbeeld van hoe muziek, theatraal beeld, humor en emotie samengaan is wanneer op de lege zilveren scène plots een vuur aangaat ignite the spark en de performers zich in een cirkel errond zetten. “
"In Madrigals, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe works with the 8th madrigal book by Claudio Monteverdi. But since the emotions of love and struggle belong to all of us, that also applies to the performance of the canti guerrieri and amorosi. Privileges and dogmas do not exist in BAM's artistic universe, so the dancers sing and the singers dance. Monteverdi survives all that. More than that: his music is the perfect soundtrack for an hour-and-a-half-long ritual where our humanity itself is addressed and celebrated. Afterwards, I especially wanted to stay a little longer in this so liberating utopia, preferably around the campfire. With a guitar in my hand. It is also wonderful to see how BAM uses the entire theatre machinery to give form to his dream. And with a bunch of wonderful performers as well. Madrigals is a trip. Hang in there."
by Chantal Pattyn (Klara)