Visual Art

"These images are memories of long forgotten dreams. Is this their heartbeat or ours? Will we ever be able to understand the vision of the artists across such an abyss of time? There is an aura of melodrama in this landscape. It could be straight out of a Wagner opera or a painting of German romanticists. Could this be our connection to their route? This staging of a landscape as an operatic event does not belong to the romanticists alone. Stone-age men might have had a similar sense of inner landscapes and it seems natural that there is a whole cluster of palaeolithic caves right around here." Werner Herzog, Film Director, in Cave of Forgotten Dreams, 2010

"Uh... Sorry, si-silence please. Please don't move. We are going to listen to the silence in the cave and perhaps, we can even hear our own heartbeat." (water drips) Jean Clottes, Former Head of Scientific Research Chauvet Cave, in Cave of Forgotten Dreams, 2010