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Danielle Van Riel

Daniëlle van Riel (°1985) graduated from Stage Technics in Eindhoven (NL). During this 3-year study she had the opportunity to work in Theatre De Warande in Turnhout for one year, and go on tour with Belgian and Dutch musicians and comedians (Robert Long, Yasmine, Bert Kruismans, An Nelissen…)
After finishing school she started working as a technician for theatre plays (mostly in Belgium) and as a production assistant on corporate events (international). What started of with some simple lights and saying she would never do ‘big’ shows ended up with operating lights for bands like Soulsister, The Scabs, dEUS, Milow, Doe Maar etc.
Last year she was asked to replace the light operator on A Revue by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and so a new collaboration started, that is being continued today.

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