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Christiane Blattmann

Christiane Blattmann (°1983, DE) is a sculptor whose practice aims to dissolve clear disciplines of creation in order to question the autonomy of these domains. In her works, created with tactile materials like silicone, pigment, silk, jute, stone and metal, Blattmann creates intricate connections of things, relationships, and figures. Her works are reflections on elementary questions of architecture that can be asked in the interplay between sculpture and everyday environments such as urbanism or fashion. Her understanding of this notion is not merely formal – how can a sculpture occupy a space? – but also seen from a social perspective on the capacities of ‘space’. For example, about its organization as a catalyst for action for the viewer: be it in the real or in the exhibition space.

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Die Alte Braut, 2019; silicone, pigment, jute, 150x200, courtesy of the artist and Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels