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Daan Couzijn

Daan Couzijn (°1994, NL) is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in music, performance and fine arts. His practice focuses on topics such as authenticity, existentialism and social psychology that stems from a fascination for the complex human psyche and from his proficiency as an actor/performer. Couzijn believes that every idea, every creation, is a collective effort of empirical experiences. Therefore, he doesn't regard the artwork as an end point, but as a simple moment in an infinite network of contributions, refusing any form of "source-hypocrisy" and boldly accepting all ideas as second-hand, (un)consciously drawn from a million outside sources. Couzijn’s visual work mostly results in installation works, often addressing video and other digital media as an expressive tool.

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The Touch, 2019; static CGI, rendered in 3D software, printed on synthetic satin, 200x300, courtesy of the artist