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Tristan Bründler

Tristan Bründler’s (°1996, FR) installative works exist out of assemblages that seem to stem from a dystopian species. The sharp-edged entities wander through a distinctive landscape of wry materials and primordial forms, from sweetness to hostility and back. Alluding to angelic armours, the sculptures morph into dismembered hybrids in defence of the pivotal orbit of existence. The distorted, fragmented installations germinate from a rhizome of opposite systems, centred around the frontier between anthropocene and poetry. Bründler contrives, mixes, twists and links bodily prosthetics, ultimately disguised as primitive symbols and precious garments. The assembled artefacts and fused relics commemorate the oblivious fiction of a primal era.

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Dis, 2022; cardboard, pray glue, epoxy, synthetic vegetal, 162x94x78, courtesy of the artist