by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe,
music of Doon Kanda & Claudio Monteverdi

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Theatre maker Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe tackles Claudio Monteverdi with the support of Doon Kanda. At the end of his life the prince of late Italian Renaissance music composed his vibrant Madrigali guerrieri ed amorosi. Meirhaeghe moulds these sparkling vocal works about war and love into a cry for freedom fuelled by passion and a fighting spirit. With the Ancient Greeks in mind, he creates a contemporary and uninhibited orgy, in which the boundaries between the human and the divine are blurred. For Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, theatre is a crossroads in time: a time machine in the midst of the present in which distant pasts and futures, genesis and utopia, merge into a radical new narrative with a corresponding timbre and cast. Beyond the distinction between insider and outsider, 'MADRIGALS' presents a community brimming with uniqueness and talent in which conservative dogmas and stigmas yield to sexuality and release.

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